Bubba Cathy

Bubba Cathy Net Worth, Age, Family & Biography
$9.7 B Real Time Net Worth #247 in the world today

About Bubba Cathy

Cathy is an executive vice president and director at Chick-fil-A, a fast-food chain with over 2,600 locations. The Atlanta-based organisation had an income of $5.8 billion in 2021. Truett Cathy, Cathy’s father, established it in 1946; Dan Cathy, Cathy’s brother, serves as chairman and CEO of the family-owned business.

Bubba Cathy

Bubba Cathy Career

In 1953 or 1954, Donald M. “Bubba” Cathy was born. Cathy is President of Dwarf House, Inc. and Executive Vice President of Chick-fil-A, Inc. Chick-fil-An is one of the country’s biggest privately held restaurant networks, with in excess of 1,700 areas. Bubba is accountable for running the Bantam House and Truett’s Barbecue Ideas, which have 14 areas as of now in metro Atlanta.

When Bubba was seven years old, he worked singing jingles at the original Hapeville Dwarf House and later worked in various restaurants while attending school. He joined the Chick-fil-A, Inc. corporate office staff in January of 1976 as a development understudy, worked at a Chick-fil-A shopping centre Eatery for quite a long time, and worked in a few corporate situations prior to being named a Senior VP of Chick-fil-A, Inc. in 1995.

Bubba Cathy Facts

Chick-fil-A, the fried chicken chain founded in 1967 by their father, Truett 2014, is run by Bubba Cathy and his brother Dan.

Bubba Cathy Net Worth

Bubba Cathy’s net worth was estimated to be approximately $9.7 billion USD in 2023.

Personal Information

Full Name Donald M Cathy
Father’s Name S Truett Cathy   
Mother’s Name Jeannette McNeil
Siblings Dan, Trudy 
Date Of Birth 1953 or 1954
Age Around 69-70 Years
Birth Place America
Height 5’ 2”
Education Graduate
Net Worth $9.7 Billion
Profession Businessman
Relationship Status Married

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