David Shaw

David Shaw Net Worth, Age, Family & Biography
$8.3 B Real Time Net Worth #236 in the world today

About David Shaw

American scientist and former manager of a hedge fund David Elliot Shaw is worth a billion dollars. He established the hedge fund firm D. E. Shaw & Co., which Fortune magazine once referred to as “the most intriguing and mysterious force on Wall Street.” A previous right-hand teacher in the software engineering division at Columbia College, Shaw made his fortune taking advantage of failures in monetary business sectors with the assistance of cutting-edge rapid PC organisations.

David Shaw
David Shaw established the hedge fund firm D. E. Shaw & Co.,

David Shaw Family

On March 29, 1951, David Elliot Shaw was born. Shaw spent his childhood in California’s Los Angeles. His mother is an artist and an educator, and his father was a theoretical physicist who specialised in plasma and fluid flows. They separated when he was 12. Irving Pfeffer was his stepfather. He was a professor of finance at the University of California, Los Angeles and wrote papers that supported the efficient market hypothesis.

David Shaw Career

Shaw graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a summa cum laude bachelor’s degree, received his doctorate from Stanford University in 1980, and then joined Columbia University as an assistant professor in the department of computer science. While at Columbia, Shaw led research in enormously equal processing with the NON-VON supercomputer. This supercomputer was made out of handling components in a tree structure intended to be utilised for quick social data set look. He established Stanford Systems Corporation earlier in his career.

David Shaw Facts

Shaw has given US$2.25 million to Needs USA Activity, a super PAC supporting Popularity-based official up-and-comer Hillary Clinton and $1 million to Coordinating for Activity. By 2014, he and his wife had given $400,000 to the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue, $400,000 to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and $800,000 to the Horace Mann School through the Shaw Family Endowment Fund.

David Shaw Net Worth

David Shaw’s net worth was estimated to be approximately $8.3 billion USD in 2023, according to Forbes’ Real-Time Billionaires List.

Personal Information

Full Name David Elliot Shaw
Father’s Name Willie Shaw
Mother’s Name Gay
Siblings Eric, Tawnya
Date Of Birth 29 March 1951
Age 72 Years
Birth Place America
Height 6’ 2”
Education PhD from Stanford University
Net Worth $8.3 Billion
Profession Investor, Scientist
Relationship Status Married

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