Eyal Ofer

Eyal Ofer Net Worth, Age, Family & Biography
$19.1B Real Time Net Worth #88 in the world today

About Eyal Ofer

One of those people who seems to have everything is Eyal Ofer. He is a real estate, energy, technology, shipping, art, and Charities billionaire based in Monaco. But even with his incredible success, Eyal is known for his commitment to giving back. Eyal set out on his own as an adult, establishing a portfolio of businesses in a variety of sectors. He established himself as one of the world’s most influential business leaders by becoming chairman of Global Holdings, Zodiac Group, and Ofer Global.

Within the Ofer Global group, a Monaco-based private company that focuses on shipping, real estate, oil and gas, banking, and investments in Europe, North America, the Near East, and Asia, Ofer’s business interests are concentrated in cruise lines, shipping, and global real estate. Lloyd’s List ranked Ofer 7th among the top 100 most influential people in the shipping industry in 2014 and 2021, respectively, and tenth in 2016. Let’s take a look a bit more about Eyal Ofer.

Eyal Ofer
Eyal ofer, centre, with sons daniel, left, and david: discreetly dynamic of late, picking up assets across all sections of their private fleet.

Eyal Ofer Family

Ofer is an Israeli billionaire who was born in 1950. His father, Romanian-born Israeli shipping magnate Sammy Ofer, was once Israel’s richest man. The name Eyal Ofer is well-known in the art, business, and charitable sectors. However, he was just a young man with a lot of ambition before he became a billionaire based in Monaco and chairman of multiple successful businesses.

Eyal Ofer Education

He went to Atlantic College, an international boarding school that is affiliated with the United World Colleges and is located in St. Donat’s Castle, Wales.

Eyal Ofer Career

In 1980, Ofer moved to New York City to start the family’s real estate business. Through his real estate company, Global Holdings, he bought properties on Park Avenue South and rented them to law firms and public relations firms. He built up a real estate empire over the years by learning a lot about ships and being comfortable managing the same tangible assets.

Eyal Ofer Facts

According to ARTnews, Ofer is one of the world’s top 200 contemporary, modern, actor, and post-impressionist art collectors. He continues to build a significant collection and inherited half of his father’s extensive collection, which includes works by Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh.

In recognition of his contributions to UK shipping and global maritime trade, he was awarded an honorary lifetime membership in the Baltic Exchange in London in 2014.

Eyal Ofer
Sir Ronald Cohen, Marilyn Ofer, Amalia Dayan, Sharon Harel-Cohen and Eyal Ofer attend INCITEMENT screening at The Museum of Modern Art on December 08, 2019 in New York City.

Eyal Ofer Net Worth

But just how much is Eyal Ofer worth? Well, according to the Billionaires list, his net worth is estimated to be around $19.1 billion, as of 2023.

Personal Information

Full Name Eyal Ofer 
Father’s Name Sammy ofer 
Mother’s Name Aviva Ofer
Siblings Idan Ofer
Date Of Birth In 1950
Age Around 72-73 Years
Birth Place Haifa, Israel
Height 5’ 11”
Education Graduate
Net Worth $19.1 Billion
Profession Businessman
Relationship Status Married

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