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George Kaiser Net Worth, Age, Family & Biography
$14.2 B Real Time Net Worth #341 in the world today

About George Kaiser

The chairman of BOK Financial Corporation, an American billionaire businessman, is George Bruce Kaiser. Kaiser possesses Kaiser-Francis Oil, a Tulsa, Oklahoma-based organisation with wells across the US. In addition, he owns two pipeline systems and a majority stake in BOK Financial, a publicly traded company with assets worth more than $46 billion. The majority of Excelerate Energy, a publicly traded LNG company, is also owned by the billionaire.

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George Kaiser Education

George Bruce Kaiser is an American business tycoon who was born on July 29, 1942. He went to Tulsa’s Central High School. In 1964, he received his BA from Harvard College, and in 1966, he received his MBA from Harvard Business School.

George Kaiser Career

In 1966, George returned to Tulsa to work for his father rather than joining the U.S. Foreign Service. The Kaiser-Francis Oil Co. was started in the 1940s by Kaiser’s uncle and parents, Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany who moved to Oklahoma.

Herman George Kaiser, George’s father, worked as an attorney in the district of the Kammergericht in Berlin until 1933 when the Nazis fired him for being Jewish. Herman Kaiser disappeared to Britain in 1937 and his wife and daughter came over in September the next year. All three of them immigrated to the United States in 1940. They made their home in Tulsa, where Herman’s aunt and uncle had previously resided. Herman began working for their uncle’s oil drilling company. Their child was brought into the world in Tulsa. On October 14, 1992, at the age of 88, Herman passed away in Tulsa.

After his father suffered a heart attack in 1969, Kaiser assumed control of Kaiser-Francis Oil Company. At the time, Kaiser-Francis was a small, privately owned oil prospecting and drilling company. By 2010, it had become the 23rd-largest private energy exploration company in the United States under George’s leadership.

George Kaiser Facts

Kaiser is recorded third on BusinessWeek’s 2008 rundown of the main 50 American humanitarians, behind Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Entryways. The George Kaiser Family Foundation’s fight against childhood poverty is one of his most prominent causes. He is also a major donor to Oklahoma’s Jewish community, which has approximately 5,000 members.

George Kaiser Net Worth

Kaiser’s net worth was estimated to be around $14.3 billion USD, as of 2023. George Kaiser ranks 476th in terms of wealth worldwide.

George Kaiser
TULSA, OKLAHOMA – MAY 05: Ken Levitt, George Kaiser and Steve Jenkins attend the reception for the Bob Dylan Center at OKPOP on May 05, 2022 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Personal Information

Full Name George Bruce Kaiser
Father’s Name Herman George Kaiser
Mother’s Name Kate Kaiser
Siblings Not Mention
Date Of Birth 29 July 1942
Age 81 Years
Birth Place Tulsa, Oklahoma
Height Not Mention
Education MBA from Harvard Business School
Net Worth $14.2 Billion
Profession Businessman
Relationship Status Married
George Kaiser
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