Marijke Mars

Marijke Mars Net Worth, Age, Family & Biography
$9.7B Real Time Net Worth #201 in the world today

About Marijke Mars

Marijke Elizabeth Mars is an extremely rich finance manager. She and her three sisters shared the title of 30th richest woman in the world. The Mars family has Marijke Mars for four generations. Forrest Mars Jr., who lived from 1931 to 2016, was her father. She is the sister of three: Pamela Mars-Wright, Valerie Mars, and Victoria B. Mars. She became a billionaire in 2016 when she inherited approximately 8% of a stake in Mars Inc.

She got married to Stephen J. Doyle in 1991, but they later gave up (2000). Marijke Mars is a member of the Mars family, which is known for ownership of Mars Inc., a company with a long history and well-known brands like M&Ms, Snickers, and Uncle Ben’s Rice. The Mars family is one of the richest families in the world. The company employs more than 125,000 people and operates in more than 80 countries.

Marijke Mars
Exchange of views, on the future of R&I in the food and drink sector, with Marijke Mars, Board Director @MarsGlobal

Marijke Mars Family

Marijke Elizabeth Mars was born in 1965 and is one of 4 daughters that the late Forrest Mars Jr. and his first wife, Virginia Cretella, had. Frank Mars, her great-grandfather, established the Mars company, which is known for producing pet food and candy. Marijke Mars and her three sisters are the heirs to Mars, Incorporated, the family’s enormous candy and pet food business.

Marijke Mars Career

However, given her status as a billionaire heiress and her family’s history, it is likely that she was raised in a wealthy household and received a top-notch education. Additionally, Mars’s family has a reputation for being extremely private, making it challenging to obtain information regarding her upbringing. Marijke Mars is an heiress to the successful candy and pet food company founded by the wealthy and influential Mars family. Although little is known about her upbringing, it is true that she had a lot of opportunities and advantages growing up.

Marijke Mars

She sits on the World Wildlife Fund and the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History’s boards of directors. She also backs the World Resources Institute, which focuses on sustainability and environmental issues.

Marijke Mars Net Worth

Marijke Elizabeth estimated net worth is $9.7 billion, according to the Billionaires List as of 2023. One of the Mars family’s heirs, Marijke Mars owns and operates Mars.

Personal Information

Full Name Marijke Elizabeth Mars
Father’s Name Forrest Mars Jr
Mother’s Name Virginia Cretella
Siblings Victoria, Valerie, Pamela
Date Of Birth In 1965
Age Around 57-58 Years
Birth Place United States
Height 5’ 5”
Education Graduate
Net Worth $9.7 Billion
Profession Business Woman
Relationship Status Married

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