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Peter Woo Net Worth, Age, Family & Biography
$13.1B Real Time Net Worth #108 in the world today

About Peter Woo

Peter Woo Kwong-ching is a well-known businessman and billionaire from Hong Kong who is well-known for leading the real estate industry. Woo began his career in finance, initially working for Chase Manhattan Bank and later for Wharf Holdings, a Hong Kong-based real estate and infrastructure company. He took over as managing director of Wheelock Properties, a Wharf Holdings subsidiary.

Woo led Wheelock Properties to great success in the property development industry in Hong Kong. The company became a top developer with projects ranging from luxury residential complexes to office buildings and shopping malls. One of his notable achievements was his involvement in the development of Times Square, a prominent entertainment and retail hub situated in the bustling Causeway Bay area of Hong Kong.

Peter Woo
Peter Woo, seen here at the Murray Hotel in Hong Kong.

Peter Woo Education

Woo was born in 1946, in Shanghai and later relocated to Hong Kong with his family in 1949. He received his education at St. Stephen’s College, a government boarding school in Stanley, which happens to be the largest secondary school in Hong Kong. Woo pursued a bachelor’s degree in Physics at the University of Cincinnati in the United States. During his college years, he served as the senior class president and joined the Delta Tau Delta fraternity, a membership he still maintains to date. After completing his undergraduate studies, he went on to acquire an MBA from Columbia Business School in New York.

Peter Woo Career

After completing his graduation, Woo secured a job at Chase Manhattan Bank located in both New York and Hong Kong. Throughout his career, Woo has demonstrated a wide range of interests which are reflected in his various business ventures. He has primarily focused on real estate development in China, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Some of the investment properties owned by his group include Harbour City and Times Square in Hong Kong. Apart from these, Woo is also associated with several other businesses such as i-Cable Communications, Wharf New T&T, Modern Terminals Limited, and Marco Polo Hotels. Along with all these businesses, Woo serves as an advisory board member for several Fortune 500 companies like JPMorgan Chase, General Electric, and Chase Manhattan Bank.

Peter Woo Facts

Woo holds a position on the Standing Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. In the year 1996, Woo participated in the very first Chief Executive Election in Hong Kong, which took place just before the territory was handed back to the Chinese government by the British. Woo was running against two other candidates named Yang Ti-Liang and Tung Chee-hwa. In the end, Tung emerged as the winner of the election.

Peter Woo
Billionaire Peter Woo, outgoing chairman of Wharf Holdings Ltd. and Wheelock & Co., second right, speaks as Raymond Kuo, director of Wharf Holdings Ltd., left, Stephen Ng, managing director and incoming chairman of Wharf Holdings Ltd., second left, and Andrew Chow, vice chairman of Wharf Holdings Ltd., right, react during Wharf Holdings’ annual general meeting in Hong Kong, China, on Friday, May 15, 2015.

Peter Woo Net Worth

As of 2023, Peter Woo had an estimated net worth of around US$13.8 Billion. However, his exact net worth depends on various factors such as the performance of his businesses and variation in the global economy.

Personal Information

Full Name Peter Woo kwong-ching
Father’s Name Peter Woo
Mother’s Name Not Mention
Siblings Not Mention
Date Of Birth 5 September 1946
Age 77 Years
Birth Place Shanghai, China
Height Not Mention
Education Graduate
Net Worth $13.1 Billion
Profession Businessman
Relationship Status Married
Peter Woo
Billionaire Peter Woo, outgoing chairman of Wharf Holdings Ltd. and Wheelock & Co., poses for photographs during Wharf Holdings’ annual general meeting in Hong Kong, China, on Friday, May 15, 2015. 

Peter Woo’s Awards

Years Awards Title
1993 Justice of the Peace
1998 Gold Bauhinia Star
2012 Grand Bauhinia Medal

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