Wang Wei

Wang Wei Net Worth, Age, Family & Biography
$14.8B Real Time Net Worth #74 in the world today

About Wang Wei

Wang Wei is the founder, chairman, and CEO of S.F. Holding, also known as SF Express, a package delivery service in China that has been likened to FedEx. He established the business in 1993 and has led it since its inception to become a major player in the sector. S.F. Holding, Wang Wei is additionally the organiser behind S.F. Express Co., Ltd. also, Shenzhen Fengchao Innovation Co. Ltd.

Wang Wei’s vocational history and accomplishments are amazing. He is well-known as an entrepreneur who has made significant contributions to China’s logistics and package delivery sectors. S.F. Holding has grown rapidly under his leadership, with a strong emphasis on technology and innovation. S.F. Holding was founded by Wang Wei, a highly successful entrepreneur and business leader who has led the company to prominence in China’s package delivery and logistics sector. His contributions and accomplishments have received national and international recognition.

Wang Wei
Wang Wei is now the third richest man in China thanks to his company SF Express. He was pictured speaking during SF Express’s listing ceremony on February 24

Wang Wei Family

Wang Wei, the founder of S.F. Holding was born to a Russian language translator for the Chinese Air Force father and a university professor’s mother. His family moved to Hong Kong when he was 7 years old, where he went to primary and secondary school. Subsequent to moving on from secondary school, Wang didn’t go to college however went to work in the assembling area.

Wang Wei Career

S.F. Holding was established in 1993 by Wei Wang, who currently holds the positions of Chairman and CEO. He owns about 60% of the shares in the business. Wang went public with the package delivery company SF Holding. He was in charge of the business when it was just starting out and helped it grow.

The founder of S.F. Holding, Wei Wang, spent his childhood in Hong Kong, where he went to primary and secondary school. Subsequent to moving on from secondary school, he worked in the assembling area prior to establishing SF Holding in 1993. Wei Wang’s upbringing demonstrates that success as an entrepreneur does not necessarily require a college degree. The experience of Wang demonstrates that a strong work ethic, drive, and willingness to learn and take risks can lead to significant career accomplishments.

Wang Wei Facts

His poetry frequently considers human nature and the human condition. His most well-known piece, “Deer Park,” depicts a peaceful moment in nature.

Wang Wei Net Worth

Chinese businessman Wang Wei estimated net worth as of 2023 is $15.1 billion, as of 2023.

Personal Information

Full Name Wang Wei
Father’s Name Not Mention
Mother’s Name Not Mention
Siblings Not Mention
Date Of Birth October 1970
Age 52 Years
Birth Place Shanghai, China
Height Not Mention
Education Graduate
Net Worth $14.8 Billion
Profession Entrepreneur
Relationship Status Married

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