Taylor Thomson

Taylor Thomson Net Worth, Age, Family & Biography
$9.71 B Real Time Net Worth #230 in the world today

About Taylor Thomson

Taylor Thomson is a member of the rich Canadian Thomson family and claims 14% of Woodbridge, a family trading company. A two-third stake in Thomson Reuters, a provider of news and financial data, is one of Woodbridge’s assets. The Thomson family is one of Canada’s wealthiest and owns a large stake in Thomson Reuters, a major source of financial and news data.

One of the family members, Taylor, is one of the wealthiest people in Canada and owns a lot of investments and assets. The family’s abundance was worked through media and distributing organisations, which have developed to incorporate different properties, remembering ventures for innovation and different businesses.

Taylor Thomson
Taylor Thomson, with her brother David, who runs the family’s Woodbridge Corp.

Taylor Thomson Career

The Thomson family’s fortune is fundamentally gotten from its responsibility for Reuters, a main supplier of information and data administration. In contrast, the Thomson family’s primary means of wealth management is Woodbridge, a private investment company.

Through a family trust, Thomson owns a 14 % stake in Woodbridge, according to reports. Because Woodbridge is Thomson Reuters’ controlling shareholder, the Thomson family has significant influence over the business. The family has been involve in the media industry for a long time, and its members make significant contributions to the global growth of information and media services.

Taylor Thomson Net Worth

Taylor Thomson’s net worth was estimate to be approximately $9.65 billion USD in 2023.

Personal Information

Full Name Taylor Thomson
Father’s Name Kenneth Roy Thomson
Mother’s Name Nora Marilyn Lavis
Siblings David, Peter
Date Of Birth February 1959
Age 64 Years
Birth Place Not Mention
Height Not Mention
Education Graduate
Net Worth $9.71 Billion
Profession Business person
Relationship Status Married

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