Wu Shaoxun

Wu Shaoxun Net Worth, Age, Family & Biography
$2.8 B Real Time Net Worth #298 in the world today

About Wu Shaoxun

Wu is the executive of Hubei Jing Brand, China’s biggest maker of homegrown spirits. In 1953, the state-owned liquor manufacturer in Daye, China, was founded. It turned out to be firmly held when Wu got it from the neighbourhood government in 1998. In 2020, the company reported earning 8.1 billion yuan.

Wu Shaoxun
Xu Jiayin, the chairman of developer China Evergrande Group

Wu Shaoxun Career

In 1956, Wu Shaoxun was born in Hubei, a central province in China. At 18 years old, he enlisted in the Chinese armed forces and served for a considerable length of time. In the wake of being released, Wu joined a state-claimed turning factory in his old neighbourhood of Daye and later became liable for running the organisation.

Wu was appointed chief of a state-owned, heavily indebted spirit maker in 1987 after spending two years at a local Communist Party school, despite having no prior knowledge of the liquor industry. Still, the company became profitable under his leadership.

The company’s signature product, Jing Liquor, became a popular drink among Chinese consumers after it added Chinese herbal medicines to its liquor. According to a government website, Wu borrowed money to acquire a 99% stake in the company from the local government of Hubei when China began reforming its state-owned businesses.

Wu Shaoxun Facts

Today the organisation has the biggest piece of the pie in China’s natural alcohol area, selling in excess of 800 million jugs of spirits consistently with an income of 9.2 billion yuan in 2016, as per its site.

Wu Shaoxun Net Worth

Wu Shaoxun’s net worth was estimated to be approximately $2.8 billion USD in 2023, according to Forbes’ Real-Time Billionaires List.

Personal Information

Full Name Wu Shaoxun
Father’s Name Not Mention
Mother’s Name Not Mention
Siblings Not Mention
Date Of Birth In 1956
Age 67 Years
Birth Place China
Height Not Mention
Education Graduate
Net Worth $2.8 Billion
Profession Businessman
Relationship Status Married

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